3HD Media Internship Programmes

Today India is the youngest country in the world with 50% of the population below the age of 25. So just imagine which ever domains you belong to the online medium will rule and that’s the place you should be in. Just imagine today facebook is the third largest country in the world with the highest per capita income can you afford to miss living in such a country? Today 3hdmedia is offering you that opportunity to live in that country which is full of dreams and helps you to create a great future for yourself.

Today, the internet is responsible for constantly changing our markets that includes the medium we use to market our products. Consumer behaviour changes constantly and through this internship pogramme you can complement your skills with new dimensions which are taking shape in our life on a day to day basis. By conducting an event we intend to use this latest communication medium to promote a social cause.
Live Internship Programmes For Various Domains

  MBA (All Domains )
  BMM / BMS (Journalism)
  BMM / BMS / BBA /BCA / Diploma (All Other Domains )
  BE/B-Tech(All Domains) / BSC (IT) / MCA

Internship Across Domains:

  • It is difficult for us to give internship specific to each domain, hence we decided to have an event in each city that will determine us to identify the right candidates on the following qualities:

Ten Basic Skills that will be closely monitored by us during the event:
1    Integrity
2    Adaptability
3    Teamwork
4    Vision/strategy
5    Coaching and Development
6    Communication
7    Decision-making
8    Relationships
9    Planning
10  Persuasion

Why events:
» During the event that is being conducted we will also merge the events with a Digital Media campaign   and this will act as an eye opener to the young candidates.
» The basic skills in the candidate will help us to judge the leadership and innovative qualities in a   candidate after the event is complete.

Terms of Internship:
»  Students Reporting:- Day to day reporting should be in a form of an email.
»  Compensation:-No salary will be offered during the internship period. However if the sponsorship amount exceeds the cost of the event the balance amount will be shared equally among the group incharge of that particular event. For eg. suppose you collect 3 lakhs for a particular event & the expenses are 1 lakh then the balance 2 lakhs will be shared among the group.
»  PPO:-We are also offering a PPO of Rs 10.30 Lakhs per annum to the most outstanding candidates.
»  Team:- For each event you could form a team of 5 students .
»  Location:- You could do the internship in any city of your choice.
»  Internship Details:-
»  Duration of internship 1-2 Months.
»  This internship is totally free of cost.
»  Your place of work will be your college campus.
»  Students could change their internship programmes after obtaining permission from the coordinator of 3HD Media.
»  Helpline: Email:internship@3hdmedia.com / Contact Number: 022-66661314 or 09029793490

Students Benefits and Take Away
»  Live Projects.
»  Learn from hands on experience.
»  Placement opportunities:-Students who excel during the internship will be considered for permanent    placement.
Take Away:-

»  Certificate of “Internship Certificate” will be issued to all the group members.
   (View Sample Certificate).

During the internships students will have to work in their respected sectors below mentioned are a few examples:

Job Description for Marketing:-
»  Preparing PPT for sponsors who may be interested in sponsoring the events.
»  Executing marketing strategies and campaigns for the events.
»  Attending and planning marketing strategies for the sponsors so that they get their best value for their money that they may intend to spend for the event.
»  Acting as liaisons between the media, suppliers, and clients.

Job Description for Finance:-
»  Planning budget for the event.
»  Making Financial Viability Business Plan.
»  Ensure that all finances are properly administered and monitored.
»  Advise on proper allocation of resources.

Job Description for HR:-
»  Conduct orientation programs for internship students before the event.
»  Evaluates the effectiveness of the respective internship programs by obtaining feedback from students and changing their event departments if necessary.
»  Attend to the grievances and complaints and provide guidance if necessary to each team during the event.
»  Provide feedback to the management to enhance a better and cordial working environment during the execution of the event.

Job Description for Systems, Telecom & Operations:-
»  Maintaining the DBM (Database Management ) system.
»  Providing online analytical tools for marketing the event.
»  Providing online analytical tools for planning & execution of the event.
»  Consolidating of DBM(Database Management) so that the sponsor can get one single dashboard to make their decision.

How to Apply:-
Students can apply for the Internship Programmes by the following steps:
»  Fill the form “Apply for Internship
»  As soon as the form is filled up and submitted, he/ she will get a “confirmation email for the    Internship Selected”.
»  Follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/summerinternships

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